2007 All-District Teams

Doug Hall Player of the Year

Chris Duckworth, Oakville

Coach of the Year

Dan Schoenfeldt, Oakville

Dick "Hoot" Newman Offensive Player of the Year

Jim Heafner, SLUH

Wil Edens Defensive Player of the Year

Kerry Read, SLUH

Female Player of the Year

Colleen Lischwe, Kirkwood

First Team Second Team
Chris Duckworth, Oakville * Matt Mazzola, Parkway South
Niko Filipi, Lindbergh * Kerry Read, SLUH
Jim Heafner, SLUH * Kyle Catani, Marquette
John Gloss, DeSmet Joe Ewing, Oakville
Wes Mellow, MICDS Brian Kendrick, Chaminade
Ben Frederiksen, University City Steve Nester, Lindbergh
  Jack Altman, Clayton
Deep Goal: Jason Appelbaum, SLUH Deep Goal: Mark Kendall, Marquette
Shallow Goal: Mark Kendall, Marquette Shallow Goal: Jason Appelbaum, SLUH
Third Team Honorable Mention
J. D. Shrewsbury, DeSmet John Heafner, SLUH
Jake Roeckle, SLUH Brett Gall, John Burroughs
Mike Cowl, Parkway West Mitchell Jackson, University City
Tom Diekemper, Oakville Ross Knight, Parkway North
Tom Hollo, MICDS Joe Trad, MICDS
Stephen Noce, Lafayette Tim Dale, SLUH
  Chris Frimel, Marquette
  Colleen Lischwe, Kirkwood
  Elliot Perko, Parkway West
  Kyle Schnoring, Lindbergh
Deep Goal: Blake Stabler, Chaminade Deep Goal: Connor Horstman, Parkway North
Shallow Goal: Blake Stabler, Chaminade Shallow Goal: Andrew Kiehl, Kirkwood

* Unanimous Selection

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